Video Marketing in 2016

Video Marketing For Websites & Social Media

Video Marketing isn’t the future…it’s the now! Take advantage of this growing content powerhouse. Videos are the best way to engage your target audience, reaching them on a more emotional level.

Whether you’re using videos for your website or utilizing video advertising, your audience will interact with you more. The potential to increase traffic and conversions improves when you implement videos into your marketing campaigns.

I have experience with video editing and production that can help get the word out in motion to the masses.

Now is the time to consider cross-channel video marketing because over 75% of traffic these days is generated by videos. The positive results from video campaigns can be seen each time you visit a social media platform or competitors website.

A video can be what determines whether a customer will buy or keep on scrolling. Let’s not forget that videos also help build brand awareness.

5 Tips For Video Marketing:

  1. Create Compelling Headlines
  2. Keep Videos Short and On-Topic (15-30 seconds)
  3. Brand Videos With Your Logo and/or Contact Details
  4. Distribute On Multiple Social Media Platforms (produced with mobile in mind)
  5. Implement SEO on Video Platforms

[for more details on Video Marketing check out my Video Content Marketing For Businesses]
Isn’t it about time you showed customers there’s more to you than a website? If you’re considering adding video to your marketing campaign, let’s talk!


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The ability to analyze, target and interpret clients or customers is a vital “art” that marketing professionals keep in their arsenal of skills. I can help you publish marketing videos that build a buzz and boost engagement.

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Need Creative & Strategic Marketing?

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