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If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then what’s a video worth? Video Content Marketing brings your audio and visual message to life! It makes your viewers become more engaged and involved with your brand.

Often times I speak about “emotional marketing”. Well video taps into that technique and adds a layer of interaction that words can’t always reach.

Over 75% of website traffic can be attributed to video. Businesses are getting increasingly savvy and aware that the more captivating their videos are the more attention they get. Everything in moderation though. A healthy dose of contextual and targeted content, with a video supporting your message, is a great way to approach video marketing in 2016.

I believe that a combination of video advertising and native company videos is the best way to go. Why? Because let’s face it…people don’t always want to be sold to on a daily basis. Sometimes, your existing and potential new customers need to know that you relate to them and their needs.

Social Media Marketing and Video Content Marketing should go hand in hand. Utilizing multiple platforms to distribute and maximize video exposure should be part of your marketing funnel.

And don’t worry about hiring a Hollywood Blockbuster video production crew. There’s no need. Remember, you want your audience to relate to you and see that you’re approachable (and more importantly…one of them).

Two Ways To Approach Video

In-House Video Production – Grab your employees! Invite Your Friends (who can somewhat act of course). Or use images / graphic designs to convey your ideas in motion. Have fun and make sure to remember that this is part of your brand awareness goals. All you need is creativity, time, and analytical data.

Online Video Providers – A video production service can be affordable and give you a crisp look with additional distribution features. If you have the budget, go ahead and brainstorm your client needs, ensuring your company core values are consistent with their expectations.

So the question becomes: Should you be doing videos for your business?

The easy answer is: Yes!

Just be mindful that your video still needs to address what’s mopst important to your target audience.

Improve Your SEO With Video

Videos are content that build brand awareness and hopefully followers. And just like the value filled content on your website, you can use videos to improve seo.

Whether it’s your website, YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video platform, you can optimize your video upload. Make sure you:

  1. Title Your Video with a keyword or keyword phrase the search engines will recognize as being relevant to your business. Be creative to attract the attention of your customers.
  2. Upload Your Video On Social Media Sites that your audience frequents and have a better chance at viewing. Upload to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. …you name it! But…be conscious of what works best for your audience. For example, if your target audience doesn’t use Instagram as much as Facebook…don’t post your video on Instagram.
  3. Keep Your Video Short especially with the constant algorithms (and their evolution) affecting everything digital/online these days. Site speed is still very important, and you don’t need a video that’s to large or that takes to much time to load on a mobile device.
  4. Optimize Your Video Transcript so as to be delivering relevant content for viewers and readers, and more importanly search engines.
  5. Link Your Videos where there are back to your website or in a social media post. The more accessible your video, the better. Remember, it’s not just traffic to your website that builds a relationship.

Websites these days need to load fast to grab attention. Use videos to go deeper into the psychological decision making of your clients. Make an impact that sometimes words can’t achieve…but video marketing can.

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