communicate with your target audience...on their levelThings aren’t what they use to be. In the case of Marketing (and sales), this is surely the truth- or is it?

Remember back in the day? Ok, old movies for your generation and mine. But remember when a small product filled stagecoach, dragged by an out of breath retired thoroughbred would pull up? The rider hops to the ground, dust exploding in plumes around his snake skin boots. He flips a latch and throws open a side door to his carriage, exposing all the goods he’s about to sell. People gather around because maybe…just maybe… he has exactly what the crowd has been craving. A solution. The remedy. The missing piece in the puzzle of their life.

He speaks!
“I’ve got what you’ve been waiting for…exactly what you need and here’s why”

What’s happened to marketing? What has happened to good ol’ fashion communication? It true that everything evolves, yet at this juncture, what exactly has happened to marketing? It would seem that the masses have turned to technology. That’s not entirely a bad thing. That makes getting your message out easier. More convenient. Faster. But how effectively are you “speaking” to your target audience. How personal are you getting with them? Are you taking the time to get to know them, and more importantly understand them?

Are you looking for ways to not just say “think outside the box” but actually do it? The best tool to use is one you may not be aware of. It’s your customers. Your clients. The ones that are so impressed by the services they’ve received from you that they can’t help but follow you, share you, and speak to you. The best way to influence their behavior and decisions is by creatively communicating with them. And communication goes both ways.

But these days it’s a fine line.

In this struggling economy, people are not willing to just throw out money. They are searching to find a business or service that is not only in their best interest- but also businesses that provide solutions to their needs, that improve their quality of life…something that helps them move forward efficiently.

Your potential new customers or potential clients want to be convinced…confident…certain.

When you take the time (and extra effort) to research your target audience, you’re doing both them and you a favor. I’m not speaking about demographics. That’s just a number. And numbers can be misleading. What is unmistakable is the impact you bring to your customers. And trust me, they’ll let you know. With any luck and hard work, when you understand their needs, thinking outside the box becomes easier.

Your content / message will be received more readily when a client feels that you are actually speaking “their language”…speaking “their solution”…speaking to them as opposed to at them. No one wants to be sold to, they want to be convinced. Communication is best served through kept promises, interaction, listening, content, images, and delivering results.

As the landscape of marketing molts and emerges altered forever- will you be ready? Don’t worry, your customers will let you know. Just be ready.

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David Pereira

Digital Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager in Philadelphia, PA with experience in Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, WordPress and Graphic Design. My strengths encompass engaging and influencing target audiences.

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