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SEO is not dead! Search Engine Optimization is a necessary blessing and curse in this day and age. I am highly experienced in SEO and SEM, with search results to prove it. I stay abreast of all the changing dynamics of Google SERP (search engine result pages), as well as updated algorithms.

I am familiar with Google Analytics, Bing Analytics and both of their Webmaster Tools. Some would like to think that SEO is not needed for their website presence. I would argue that the changing landscape of SEO keeps the plethora of garbage off of the search results, leaving only the pages that users need and find value in.

Focusing attention on site elements that are vital to increasing visibility is a strength of mine. Title tags, descriptions and value filled, unique content are key when a business needs to stay relevant and on page 1, 2, 3 of search results. But SEO isn’t just about meta data. It’s also about wholesome link building techniques and placing long tail keyword phrases in the right locations online.

Basically, I can show you how much I understand and can successfully implement a SEO Strategy that speaks two languages.

1. The language of search engines

2. The language of site visitors.

In other words, SEO is not just about code and links. It’s about delivering quality content and relevant links to strengthen a business, person or information online. It’s about speaking to the search engines and potential site visitors with the end result being a symmetric understanding of what a website is about and how it can solve a problem for a visitor typing in a search query. Also, SEO should be deployed on-page and off page.

Search Engine Optimization is an art to me. A worth while challenge. A necessary element in the success of an online presence.

While working with David, I learned a great deal about SEO, WordPress, Marketing Concepts and many other technical and design aspects that I will continue to utilize.

Caleb Mezyy

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