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Legal marketing
Kane & Silverman P.C. As the Marketing & SEO Director, I was solely responsible for improving online visibility and cultivating a strong social media network. My day to day tasks consisted of monitoring Google analytics, analyzing competition, website design (revitalization) and development, search engine optimization, link building / maintenance, social media management, and other tasks pertaining to online marketing. In regards to website development, I was responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of 12 websites (with emphasis on 4 specific ones). The majority of site work involved WordPress websites (CMS) and link building. I was also responsible for monitoring and analyzing backlinks and competition to gain leverage regarding on-page and off-page optimization. Speaking of link building, another large portion of my job was SEO or search engine optimization. I was able to secure placement in Google SERP (search engine results page), with sites showing on pages 1, 2, 3 and 4 on Google. Job Responsibilities: WordPress Design & Development, HTML, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Analytics, Graphic  Design
website revision client
Park Printing Company This well known printing company in Pennsuaken, New Jersey desperately needed a revitalized web presence. As a printing service, clients not only communicated in person, but also online when uploading their content to the company website. My objective was to present this client in a more current and presentable way. By highlighting their graphic designs and print projects, they are now able to stand out from all the generic printing company websites online now. They also have an impressive drag & drop upload widget that expedites customer uploads more efficiently. Job Responsibilities: WordPress Development, SEO, Social Media
collections agenency client
Armstrong Madison & Chase LTD This international Collection Agency tasked me to rebuild their website to improve their competitive approach and presence online. Initially, they only had words and links that often led to large blocks of paragraphs that were difficult to read or comprehend. The end result for this client was a more organized and informative website presence. By consolidating space and creating new content, they were able to quickly and easily let clients navigate their options and opportunities. Job Responsibilities: Website Design (HTML), Graphic Design, SEO, Logo Design
JKCP (Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs) This influential and groundbreaking company was in need of a fine tuned and sustained Search Engine Optimization campaign. They offer young children and teens summer programs that enrich their lives and education. My responsibility was to implement, analyze and deploy SEO best practices to improve their online presence and placement within the search results. Additionally, they needed a way to effectively maintain communication with their existing and potential new clients. Putting emphasis on optimized landing pages, revised content, long tail keyword implementation, and paid link building with online vendors/advertisers, I was able to increase their visibility by approximately 60%. I also monitored and used my troubleshooting skills when working on their WordPress and HTML website to ensure proper functioning and health. My responsibilities also included analyzing their Google Analytics to effectively identify opportunities to improve website traffic. Job Responsibilities: SEO Coordinator, Website Development, Analytics, Email Marketing maintenance
marketing and design client
Rebecca’s Terrific Tutoring Services It was such a pleasure to work with this client. Her career choice as a tutor is well respected and deserving of praise. As a tutor with a Masters Degree in Elementary Education, Rebecca’s Terrific Tutoring Services needed a Social Media presence that would allow her to interact with parents and students. Her ability to educate young adults and children needed to be the main focus of her social media campaign. My job responsibilities included logo design, social media management and my expertise as a Marketing Consultant. Job Responsibilities: Logo Design, Social Media Management, Marketing Services
website revision project
Janis Nolan Not only do I have a degree in Music Business, but I admire anyone who takes their passion for music to new and improved heights. The Janis Nolan Band is an award winning Philadelphia Wedding Band. In 2012, they needed a revised website presence and social media upgrade. My completed objective was to design and develop a new website presence that reflected the high caliber of talent and professionalism they already proved offline and in-person. This client also needed multimedia work done with old and new videos and images of their performances. Combining website design, video and images, the Janis Nolan Band’s website presence gave them the credibility they deserved and deliver. Job Responsibilities: Website Design (html), Multimedia, Social Media management, Graphic Design (image manipulation), Marketing Services
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