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Marketing Manager With Real World Skills

Marketing is like music. It causes an emotional reaction within the listener or viewer. It tells a story that fills a need geared toward specific audiences. Your brand is the artist, while your services are the lyrics and feel that adds value.

In the beginning, I attended the Art Institute of Philadelphia majoring in music business. The benefit of starting off in the entertainment industry is that I’ve learned how to understand the audience more thoroughly. In regards to marketing, I’ve creatively refocused my skills, allowing me to more effectively market to target audiences by communicating their solutions.

The tremendous advantage my experience provides for you is my ability to strategically engage with clients in an effort to build trust and lasting relationships. This ultimately leads to conversions and loyalty. I have skills in B2C and B2B, effectively implementing strategies to leverage marketing objectives that promote company goals and brand awareness.

I can help you maximize your potential to influence your target audience.

My strategic skills offer:

  • Exceptional service to existing customers including persuasive interaction, Social Media development and monitoring, research, and attention to detail.
  • Content Marketing experience that generates interest, insight and inspiration by creating quality content that’s both relevant and informative.

Don’t let my online portfolio fool you. I am very skilled in marketing offline as well. I’m familiar with creating copy and designs for print ads, newsletters, and direct mail. I’m also comfortable using my outgoing personality for public speaking, working from home if necessary to accomplish project goals, and utilizing my graphic design talents to push concepts and boundaries respectively and responsibly.

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Need Creative & Strategic Marketing?

Need Creative & Strategic Marketing?

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