emotional marketing influencesOver the past few years, people have coined their own titles or descriptions when it comes to various forms of communication. They use words such as Content Marketing, Social Marketing, and Direct Marketing to name but a few of the many. The fact is: It’s all marketing.

I always focus on ’emotional marketing. Not just because it forces one to zero in on their target audience, but also because the behavior of people is based off of their emotion. Meaning that depending on how a marketing message is received by the client or customer determines how they will react. Buy? Sell? Seek more information? Share with family and friends?

I’ve said this before and have written about it. Marketing is not dead and the rules still remain. Location Location. Location. In the case of online marketing, location is wherever your potential and existing clients frequent. Other websites, blogs, social media locations. Integrate yourself or your company where they are. But for crying out loud- don’t sell to them! Observe them. Understand them. Learn their habits, likes and dislikes. Offer suggestions or well formed opinions. Basically, create an air of professionalism and experience. Is that a scam? No! It’s called marketing.

Marketing Communications is not a one woman or man effort. It’s a team effort. It’s merely part of the whole big picture. As a marketing professional myself, I understand that marketing establishes a foundation to build trust, loyalty and relationships.

Marketing is crucial to any business or entrepreneurial endeavor. Sometimes it takes highly calculated baby steps. So why not connect with me so I can guide your core values in the right direction. Basically, let me show you how I’m “designing steps to marketing success”.

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David Pereira

Digital Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager in Philadelphia, PA with experience in Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, WordPress and Graphic Design. My strengths encompass engaging and influencing target audiences.

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