Instagram advertisingInstagram advertising is the new tactic of choice for businesses on a global scale. The mobile photo and video sharing app just reached 200,000+ advertisers who now have access to Instagram’s over 400 million members!

In 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram among other notable platforms before and after. Recently a study was conducted that discovered there may be more activity on Instagram than its now parent company. Post engagement on Instagram has progressively increased, slightly overshadowing that of Facebook and Twitter. And that’s gold to advertisers.

Could this be the cause of Instagram’s advertising surge? Has Facebook purchased a vehicle that is starting to outpace itself?

In my sort of biased common sense…on Facebook, it’s been engraved that you have to say something when you post. Heck, you can even drop your opinions.

Back in the day, when you sat to a meal with someone, you would critique your meal, talk about how it looks and then comment to each other on how it tastes. To whoever was at the table. Out loud. Now it’s turned into:
“Wait a sec, I gotta take a picture of this and post it! They’ll love it!”

BUT on Instagram (even though you could add a description), you don’t have to say anything! Just post and go! It’s the perfect anti-social outlet grasping the nation…actually the world!

You’re best friend on Instagram is Filter & Crop.

It’s pretty obvious that Facebook is testing new grounds and beefing up their advertising options. It was only natural for them to do the same on Instagram. But was it only a matter of time before this photo/video social platform behemoth started veering toward businesses and making profits? After all, Instagram is simple in its application, but seemingly powerful with its reach and interaction.

Basically, post engagement on Instagram is staying strong while Facebook engagement seems to be teetering up and down. Don’t get me wrong! If you’re a business, you need to be on Facebook. But you’ll have to determine and deploy new tactics and more engaging content to keep relevant, engaged, and news feed worthy to your followers and target audience. This is the prime time for advertisers to rise and shine….and they know it.

Advertising and Instagram Native Video Views

In an age where people want faster information, sharing, and feedback it may make sense that Instagram is pulling forward at full speed. When you add the option of photos and videos, engagement increases as well as content diversity. This may also be why Facebook is paying more attention to native video uploads. More eyes on content is like an feeding frenzy for advertisers.

Speaking of video, this may be the reason why Instagram is showing results indicative of an advertising magnet powerhouse. Plus a native video approach keeps visitors / followers on any given social media platform longer. No more jumping here to here to here. Because of this (and other factors) Ad impressions on Instagram are booming and there’s no sign of slowing down.

The real question if you’re a business big or small is:
Question: Which platform should I be on?

Answer: Both. Depending on your audience and marketing funnel goals.

Why: Because your target audience is multifaceted. They don’t stay focused on one thing for too long. Unless you gain their loyalty. But they do share their lives…personal and public whether you want to know or not. The more time they invest in their social media habits, the better chance advertising campaigns will be successful.

Smart advertisers will research what interests their audience, and target accordingly. And it looks like Instagram is their new go-to advertising social media platform.


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