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Content Marketing

I deliver creative and strategic marketing across multiple digital channels to improve brand awareness and conversions.
blogging content manager in Philadelphia


Some have called me a wordsmith because I’m able to persuasively write relevant content on any topic or industry.
social media management and engagement

Social Media Mania

That’s right! I can develop and grow your social media presence and grab the attention your business deserves!
Email Marketing and design

Email Marketing

Designing and tracking articulate email campaigns using best practices is another advantage I offer.
search engine optimization and search marketing skills

Focused SEO / SEM

I use best practices when creating optimized pages and content resulting in more traffic and conversions.
WordPress Development and HTML experience

CMS / HTML Development

My experience with WordPress can help your online business move smoothly and effectively, as well as my HTML editing skills.
Analytics including Google, Email, and Social Media Analytics

Analytical Insight

Attentive Analytical skills that help evaluate and track the visitor experience and determine which direction to proceed.
Graphic Designer in Philadelphia PA

Graphic Design

Whether it’s AD design, website images, inforgraphics, or photography, I create designs that convey your message.

Creative Digital Marketing Manager

I’m Seeking Full Time employment with a motivated company who’s looking to take their marketing campaigns to new levels!

How Can I Help Your Brand?

marketing funnel
You've Got Questions- I've Got Answers
When Are You Available For An Interview?
I am available for an interview the day after we speak on the phone and come to an agreement that your company, open position and myself are a good fit.
How Many Years Of Marketing Experience Do You Have?
I have over 12 years of marketing experience. In the late ’90’s I began learning about traditional marketing while attending the Art Institute of Philadelphia. After graduating, I began pursuing my passion for interaction taking on local marketing projects and honing my interpersonal skills as a server at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In 2003, I took my knowledge of business marketing higher and entered the world of Digital Marketing with great results and accomplishments.
What Qualities Can You Bring To Our Company?
My qualifications offer creative solutions to multiple marketing campaign objectives. My passionate approach to marketing, design, and development are qualities I would bring to the table every day. I pride myself in helping others stand out. Fine tuned attention to details and tracking results is another advantage, along with my desire to work collaboratively and independently to complete every project at hand. Producing engaging content to strengthen customer/client relations is a strength that I can deliver as well . From the simple to technical…I strive to complete projects on-time ensuring that everything is functioning and effective.
Need More Info? Contact me to set up an interview or if you have any questions.

Call: 215-755-1648

Thank you for your kindness and patience with assisting us in this marvelous project. Thank you so much for your time and professionalism. Martin Wright

Website Client

While working with David, I learned a great deal about SEO, WordPress, Marketing Concepts and many other technical and design aspects… Caleb Mezzy

former Co-Worker

He is the type of business minded individual that is needed in today’s market. No matter what the task, he has always surpassed my expectations. ****** ******

Website/Content Client

Need Creative & Strategic Marketing?

Need Creative & Strategic Marketing?

Of course you do! It's 2016! Let me show you how to advance your brand and increase your traffic.

Thank you! I'll be in touch soon.

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