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Strategic Content Marketing emotionally embraces the concerns and behaviors of an evolving, yet well defined target audience. The result of consistent content marketing campaigns will help maximize your business goals that’s focused on customers/clients.

Content is still King & Queen of any marketing plan. It must have reliable substance and add value to the needs of your audience. It should tell a story or cultivate curiosity, to the point where a solution is right at their fingertips. And their solution is what you offer.

My Content Marketing experience can help amplify your company core values. How?¬† By adding value filled content that speaks directly to your customer…as opposed to just showing.


Different forms of optimized content I create includes:

  • Written content that’s natural and approaches the reader in a conversational¬† or personal manner. It’s more effective to write in a way that is engaging and enlightening, rather than only listing what a product is or offers. It’s not always about the sell.
  • Visual Content that tells a story just by looking at an image. My skills in graphic design can take a concept or idea and transform it into visual eye candy relevant to what the viewer is expecting. This sort of creative content is best for social media posts, blog posts, email campaigns, website graphics and ad designs.
  • Search Engine Optimization that utilizes researched and strategically placed keywords into contextual content that search engines love. I don’t waste time on over optimizing. I focus mainly on which keywords are more likely to be added to a search query and how I can draft content that includes them and strengthens engagement…quickly.
  • Social Media content that’s not just words and links. I generate images, videos, and posts that tell a sharable story, contributing to building a relationship with the viewer.
  • Video Content that is short and to the point, with information that relates to the viewer. I believe that not all video content needs to be about just a product or service. It can cover company personnel, milestones, humorous yet relevant topics, and emotional marketing that moves the viewer to think or even better a call to action. Video isn’t the future…it’s the now!

Content should contribute to building loyalty and positioning you in a visitors mind as an industry authority.

When you make your potential or existing clients feel like they’re part of the whole process, you’re going to notice business growth. I can manage all of your Content Marketing needs, increasing your brand awareness, leads, conversions and loyalty.

[Does Content really add value to the reader? Yep! You just read this entire page. Isn’t it time you reached out to me to discuss your Digital Marketing needs?]

My Thoughts:

Content Marketing is about delivering relevant information that adds value and solutions across multiple platforms. BUT it’s also about relationship building that every company needs and your audience expects!

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Need Creative & Strategic Marketing?

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