David was a digital marketing consultant to JKCP in 2011. Although he was an SEO specialist for us, we were aware that his skill sets were much broader. David’s passion for marketing and communications showed in the work he did for us, optimizing content and engaging followers across multiple channels.
He created solutions that were effective and fine tuned to our demographic. His analysis and reporting, helped us better understand our customers and determine our future direction. David was an invested listener and had great execution and follow through. He brought a great deal of experience and big picture thinking to our process and we would certainly use his service again in the future.

Steven Robertson


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David is a reliable, hardworking individual with the kind of persistence and motivation that breeds success. Creative thinking comes natural to him and his communication and writing skills are impeccable. Beyond that, he presents himself in the utmost professional manner and always leaves me feeling inspired.

Christina Rizzardi

David, Thank you so much for the hard work and dedication you put into developing my website. The final result is everything and more that I envisioned for the site. It was very important to me for it to be user friendly and you accomplished this in such a way that can only be described as remarkable. And this is based on the amount of absolute positive feedback that I received from visitors to the site.

Because of your knowledge as to what can be done to a site, we were a success.

Wilson Alexander


David has a vast knowledge of website development and email marketing. He’s not afraid to really dive into websites and html code to find problems and, more importantly, how to fix them. David is also very thorough in his critical analysis of all online stats as a way to drive marketing initiatives.

Sarah Ohanesian

Marketing Director

David is a very creative and innovative Marketing Manager with an excellent eye for detail. He kept in constant personable yet professional communication. I was very pleased with the results of David’s work and would absolutely hire him in the future.

Rebecca Daniel

Teacher / Tutor

Thank you for your kindness and patience with assisting us in this marvelous project. We will be moving forward with updating and adding to our presence. Thank you so much for your time and professionalism. We will be making more referrals to you in the future upon every opportunity given us to do so.

Rev. Martin Wright


David is a prime example of turning passion into productivity. His firm understanding of the world of SEO is evident in his work.

As the Social Media coordinator at Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs, I worked with David as we managed the online presence of JKCP. While working with David, I learned a great deal about SEO, WordPress, Marketing Concepts and many other technical and design aspects that I will continue to utilize.

When you work with David, you will definitely learn from him! Learn about his passion for SEO, design and more and watch him work!

Caleb Mezzy

Former Co-Worker

I needed a marketing consultant to get my business off the ground. David designed a web site that was easy to navigate and helped me design my labels and flyers. He guided me each step of the way. His professional input, patience, and quality work was just what I was looking for.

Andrea Lowe

Former Health Coach

I have known and worked with David on many projects over the years. He is a unique individual with notable intelligence and superior skills in numerous applications, and always extends himself over and above his “title position” at any given time. He has an impeccable diagnostic to solution skills set, and always gets right to the heart of the matter. His creativity is unparalleled. He has always demonstrated complete professionalism and I am certain that anyone who he affiliates himself with, would say the same. He is the type of business minded individual that is needed in today’s market, to get the job done, no matter what the task, he has always surpassed my expectations. I ascertained over my extensive experience in working with him, that he is always the right man for the job.

******* ******* (name hidden)

Former Collection Agency Client

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Need Creative & Strategic Marketing?

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